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DATED 07.08.2014

I. Definitions
Definitions used in Terms&Conditions have the folowing meaning:
1. Client – natural person, legal person or organization (different to legal person which has special legal faculty provided by the law) who or which places and order in the Shop;
2. Civil code – act from 23rd of April 1964 r. (Law Journal Nr 16, pos. 93 after modification.);
3. Terms&Conditions – the present Terms&Conditions of online services within online shop www.shop.wearso.com;
4. Wearso Organic Online Shop – online service available at www.wearso-store.com, via which the Client can in particular place orders;
5. Items – products presented in the Online Shop;
6. Sales Agreement– a sales agreement of Items in compliance with Civil Code, concluded between Wearso Aleksandra Waś and the Client and via Online Shop;
7. The act of special conditions of consume sale – act from the 27th of July 2002 about of special conditions of consume sale as well as the change of Civil Code (Law Journal Nr 141, pos. 1176 after modification.);
8. The act of online services – dated the 18th of July 2002 r. about online services (Law Journal Nr 144, pos. 1204 after modification.);
9. Order – declaration of Client’s will aiming to conclusion of Sales Agreement with a clearly stated type and quantity of Items.

II. General resolutions
2.1. The present Terms & Conditions stipulates the usage rules of online shop available at www.shop.wearso.com.
2.2. The present Terms & Conditions are terms mentioned in the 8th article of the Online Services Act.
2.3. Online shop available at www.wearso-store.com is run by Wearso Aleksandra Waś, ul. Mokotowska 60, 00-534 Warszawa, NIP 782-229-93-36 (number given by Naczelnik Trzeciego Urzędu Skarbowego Warszawa-Śródmieście), registered in CEIDG by the Minister of Commerce.
2.4. The present Terms & Conditions regulates in particular:
a) rules od registration and usage of one’s account within the online shop;
b) terms and conditions of online reservations of the items offered by online shop;
c) terms and conditions of placing online orders within the online shop;
d) terms of conclusion of sales agreement with the usage of services offered by the online shop;
2.5. To be fully able to use online shop Client’s teleinformatic system must meet minimal technical requirements:
a) Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrom, Safari or Opera in their 3 latest versions
b) latest version of Java Script
2.6. Client needs to get on his own an access to a computer or other device equipped with an internet connection to be able to use the online shop;
2.7. According to the law regulations in power Wearso Aleksandra Waś reserves the right to limit the access to online shop to those who are over 18 years of agez. Should this happen Clients will be informed accordingly;
2.8. Clients can can access to this Terms and Conditions at all times using the lrefference located on the front page of the online shop www.shop.wearso.com as well as download it and print it.
2.9. Information about the Items given on the pages of online shop, specifically their descriptions, technical and application data as well as their prices are understood as an invitation to conclusion of an agreement according to art. 71 of Civil Code.

III. Trems of online shop use
3.1. To be able to use an online shop one needs to complete a registration within this online shop.
3.2. Registration is possible through filling in and accepting a registration form which is available at on one of the online shop’s pages.
3.3. To complete registration one needs to accept the Terms & Conditions as well as fill in the personal data marked as obligatory ones.
3.4. Should the Client breach Terms & Conditions, Wearso Aleksandra Waś can deprive the Client right to use its online shop as well as limit partially or on the whole his/her access to the online shop content. This can happen when the Client in particular :
a) has given during the registartion data which are not true, inprecise or outdated, misleading or infringing third party right,
b) has infringed through online shop third party’s personal goods, in particular the perosnal goods of its other clients,
c) his or her actions will be recognised by Wearso Aleksandra Waś as actions contradictory to the laws in power and other general rules of using of the Internet or actions which breaches the good name of Wearso Aleksandra Waś.
3.5. A person once deprived of the right to use online shop cannot register once again without prior consent of Wearso Aleksandra Waś.
3.6. In order to provide safety transfer of communcation and data related with services offered in online shop, Wearso Aleksandra Waś undertakes all technical and organizational measures adequate to maintain safety of the offered services, in particular measures which protect personal data transfered in the internet from being used by unauthorized individuals.
3.7. Clients is obliged in particular to:
a) not send and transfer contents which is illegal by law, e.g. contents which propularize violence, are derogatory or breach third party laws and personal goods,
b) use the online shop appropriately and not impede its functionality by using certain sofware and devices
c) not undertake action such as spreading or positioning within the online shop commercial information which has not been commisioned by the shop’s owner (spam),
d) use the online shop in a manner that is of no hindrance to other customers and/or Wearso Aleksandra Waś,
e) use all online shop’s content only for personal purposes
f) use the online shop with accordance with the law being in operation on the territory of Republic of Poland, resolutions of the present Terms & Conditions as well as with the general rules of using the Internet.

IV. Procedure of concludin a Sales Agreement
4.1. In order to conclude a Sales Agreement within the online shop one needs to enter webpage www.wearso-store.com and make a purchase by taking all consecutive technical actions based on all information displayed to the Client on the webpag.
4.2. Choosing items is being done by placing and/or adding them in the cart.
4.3. While placing and order – until the bottom “Order” is being clicked – Client can modify its order. This can be done by follwoing information displayed on the webpage.
4.4. Once all information are completed by the Client, there will be provided and displayed a summary of the order. A summary will contain information about:
a) ordered item(s),
b) singular and total cost of all ordered items including the delivery cost and other additional costs (if existing),
c) chosen payment method,
d) chosen delivery method,
e) delivery time,
4.5. In order to complete an order one needs to accept Terms & Conditions, fill in all the obligatory personal information and click the “Order” button.
4.6.By sending an order, the Client confirms his/her willingness to conlude a Sales Agreement with Wearso Aleksandra Waś,
4.7. Having completed an order the Client receives an email titled “Confirmation of the order” which includes final confirmation of all necessary elements of an order.
4.8. An Agreement is said to be concluded once the Client receives an email with the above mentioned content.
4.9. An Agreement is to be concluded in Polish and its content is incompliance with Terms & Conditions.

V. Delivery
5.1. Delivery of Items is offered on the territory of the Republic of Poland, countires of Europe and certain countries located on other continents. Items are delivered onto the address indicated by the Client while placing an order.
5.2.Delivery of ordered items is carried out by courier shipment. The delivery cost is calculated basing on the total weight of the ordered items as well as the delivery address. Additional costs of the delivery will be informed while placing an order by the Client
5.3. Deliver date is set within 3 working dayscounting from the day the order is being paid by the Client for all the orders to be delivered o the territory of the Republic of Poland. For orders with a delivery address outside of Poland delivery time is stipulated next to the information about the form of delivery and its address.
5.4. Clients can can access to this Terms and Conditions at all times using the lrefference located on the front page of the online shop www.wearso-store.com as well as download it and print it.
All the important resolutions of the Sales Agreement are being repeated, protected, made available to and confirmed to Client through sending confirmation and specification of the order as well as VAT invoice both via emails and in printed form together with the ordered items.

VI. Prices and payment methods
6.1. Items’ prices are given in Polish zloty and they include all components, especially VAT tax, customs and all other costs.
6.2. Client can pay for hi/her order via:
a) regular bank transfer onto the following account: 04 1090 1883 0000 0001 2389 4911,
b) Przelewy24 system,
c) VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, PolCard credit cards; cards issued by Polish banks are being accepted. A payment is being processed before the shippment of ordered items.

VII. Right to backtrack from the Sales Contract
7.1. Client defined as a consumer in accordance with art. 22 of civil Code, has the right – basing on the law regulations – to backtrack from the Sales Agreement concluded remotely, without giving a justification by sending an adequate written statement to Wearso Aleksandra Waś (address given in the present Terms & Conditions) within 10 days time.
7.2. 10-days time is being calculated from the day the ordered items are delivered to the Client.
7.3. In case of a waiver of Sales Agreement concluded remotely, this Sales Agreement is said to be not concluded. What has been offered by both parties is to be returned in an unaltered form and condition. The return should take place immediately, not longer than within 14 days. Purchased items are to returned onto the following address:
Wearso Aleksandra Waś, ul. Mokotowska 62, 00-534 Warszawa.
7.4. Items to be returned are shouldbe packed by the Client in an adequate manner which protects from damages during transportation.
7.5. Th cost of packaging and return delivery is to be covered by the Client.

VIII. Complaints
8.1. Wearso Aleksandra Waś being the seller is responsible before the Client defined as a consumer in accordance with art. 22 of Civil Code, for any incompatibility with the Sales Agreement in the extend defined by an act regulating special terms of consumer sales.
8.2. Complaints resulting from violation of Client’s right guaranteed by the law and the present Terms & Conditions are to be sent onto store@wearso-store.com. Wearso Aleksandra Waś convenants to examine all complaints within 14 days time and inform the Client within this period of time should this not be possible.
8.3. Wearso Aleksandra Waś is the producer of Items. Producer holds the responsibility based on the warranty of sold Items.

IX. Complaints related with the online services.
9.1. Wearso Aleksandra Waś undertakes actions to provide fully correct and satisfactory operation of its online shop using all technical knowledge. At the same time Wearso Aleksandra Waś is convenants to eliminate in a reasonable period of time all anomalies reported by Clients.
9.2. Client is obliged to inform Wearso Aleksandra Waś immediately about any kind of anomalies and breaks in the Online Shop’s operation
9.3. These anomalies should be repoted immediately in writing to Wearso Aleksandra Waś, ul Mokotowska 62, 00-534 Warszawa, by email to be sent at wearso@wearso.com or using the Contact form
9.4. Complaint should include name and surname of a Client, order number, address as well as the type and date of an anomaly.
9.5. Wearso Aleksandra Waś convenats to examine all complaints within 14 days and inform the Client within this period of time should this not be possible.

X. Final resolutions
10.1. All potential disputes between Wearso Aleksandra Waś and Client defined as a consumer in accordance with art. 22Array of Civil Code, are to be resolved by adequate courts and rules of Civil Code.
10.2. All potential disputes between Wearso Aleksandra Waś and Client not defined as a consumer in accordance with art. 22 of Civil Code are to be examined by the court assigned to the location of Wearso Aleksandra Waś.
10.3. For all issues not mentioned in the present Terms & Conditions, resolutions of both Civil Code and act on online servicesas well as other appropriate regulations of Polish law are in use.

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